Day 42

Day 42 Reading – Exodus Chapters 36-38

The silver from the community census totaled one hundred kikkars and one thousand seven hundred seventy-five shekels in weight, measured by the sanctuary shekel. They gave a beqa per person (that is, half a shekel, measured by the sanctuary shekel) for everyone who was counted in the census, 20 years old and above, 603,550 men.  Exodus 38:25-26

How many people attend your church?

How big is your budget?

Building campaigns, pledge campaigns, fundraising, attendance, membership …

The age old cry of the church … all you do is talk about numbers and money!

And yet …

The truth is that even for God’s people in the desert … numbers and money mattered.

Money bought the supplies for the Tabernacle.

And how many people were involved was important … so they counted and recorded it.

The real problem is when we put numbers and money above relationship –

Relationship with God … and others.

What keeps you from a deeper relationship with God?

Unfortunately for many … I can count on the answer being money.


Day 43 Reading – Exodus Chapters 39-40


I am a United Methodist Pastor and have the privilege of serving as the Senior Pastor for the church of my childhood. I preach in a place I once was an acolyte. I love to preach, but more importantly I love to teach. I firmly believe that Faith Matters and should affect how we live. This blog is a place where I come to share the randomness that is life and faith ... and the intersection of the two.

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